Underclassmen shine at Temecula Science Olympiad Tournament


Patrick Keene

On January 13th, the Clark Science Olympiad team competed at the Grand Oaks High School Invitational Tournament in Temecula, California. Led by Mr. Viggato and Mrs. Ward, Clark’s C and D teams spent three days in Cali before competing on Saturday. Though 28 out of the 30 students were freshmen, the C and D teams made Clark proud with the following medals:

Anatomy and Physiology: 1st Place (Jaiden Reddy and Isha Shah), 6th Place (Austin Park and Marissa Teng)

Disease Detectives: 3rd Place (Lily Yan and Shelly Xu), 6th (Austin Park and Rishi Saran)

Dynamic Planet: 5th Place (Katelyn Phan and Felix Zhan)

Ecology: 1st Place (Lily Yan and Shelly Xu), 6th Place (Chloe Kim and Madeline Young)

Experimental Design: 2nd Place (Kara Orevillo, Jaiden Reddy, and Isha Shah)

Forensics: 4th Place (Althea Santos and Katelyn Phan)

Helicopters: 1st Place (Althea Santos and Alex Kwok)

Materials Science: 3rd Place (Sahithi Chundu and Shadman Kabir), 4th Place (Dan Lui and Shelly Xu)

Microbe Mission: 2nd Place (Lily Yan and Jaiden Reddy), 3rd Place (Chloe Kim and Saanvi Desai)

Mission Possible: 5th Place (Nicholas Ho and Saanvi Desai)

Mousetrap Vehicle: 1st Place (Althea Santos and Katelyn Phan)

Optics: 2nd Place (Sahithi Chundu and Austin Park)

Rocks and Minerals: 1st Place (Kara Orevillo and Felix Zhan)

Write it Do it: 4th Place (Alex Kwok and James Kwok)

“This was the first Science Olympiad competition for many of our team members, and they did extremely well,” says club co-President Shan Reddy. “With such strong performances from our underclassmen on the C and D teams, I’m very hopeful for the future of our club after the upperclassmen of our A and B teams graduate.”

Congratulations to all of Clark’s competitors, and best of luck at the MIT and Golden Gate invitationals!