The Passion of Artistry with Gianetta Luther


Krystal Robinson

As a school famous for its math, science, and finance programs, artists often go under the radar at Clark. However, Clark has many excellent artists who take pride in their work, searching for critiques in order to improve on their skills.

Senior Gianetta Luther  has been creating artwork since she was around ten years old, filling up countless sketchbooks over the years. “I enjoy the fact that I can create something out of nothing,” says Luther. “I take most of my inspiration from the world around me, I guess.”

A distinct and conspicuous appreciation of the human body is a core inspirational point for Luther’s artistry. For the Clark Chargers who are beginning in art, or who are looking for suggestions in products, Luther recommends beginning with the basics.

“Start off with regular Crayola colored pencils – those are actually one of the best brands if you’re just starting off. However, if you can get some, I would recommend Prismacolors if you know what you’re doing with blending and color – mixing and whatnot.”

After all, AMSAT stands for the Academy of Math, Science, Arts, and Technology. And Luther’s work makes it clear that the passion of artistry is very much alive at Clark.

“Stay true to yourself,” she says. “Don’t let other people bring you down with your artwork.”