Concert held at Clark football field in wake of October tragedy


Krystal Robinson

On October 26, out on the Clark football field, foodtrucks filled with deliciously-salty fries and sweet Hawaiian burgers. Friends crammed into a free photobooth for pictures that will last forever. Best of all, Louder Than Words and singer-songwriter Gabe Kubanda performed on one of their off-days during their national Epic Proportions Tour.

Kubanda and Louder Than Words are performing at venues across the country for the tour.

“High schools, colleges, even airforce bases,” said Esteban Ruelas, guitarist for Louder Than Words. “One of our favorite things to do at high schools is to go into music classes as well. We speak to the students in there, just letting them know that there is a future in music and that you don’t have to be discouraged.”

Louder Than Words is originally from Vegas, and drummer Johnny Buzzin is an alumni of Shadow Ridge High School. The band had finished a similar gig at Shadow Ridge the week before.

“It’s just cool to do this kind of thing in my community, you know?” he says. “We all pretty much grew up here, so being able to play to a packed crowd is great,” says Ruelas.

As Las Vegas locals, the band members felt with everyone in the time of the October 1st tragedy.

“I felt like it hit us twice as hard because we live here,” says Ruelas. “Second it’s that it hit at a concert.”

“These guys are all from Las Vegas so it hit really home for them,” adds Kubanda. “So, I got to feel what they were feeling a little bit; they had a lot of friends and family who were at the event.”

A tragedy for the world, no doubt. Even if you were not directly affected, somehow it still resonates.

“It feels so surreal being so far away,” says Kubanda. “You feel so powerless to do anything, like what can we do? You know? And we were just thinking-you know-we were talking like, well we’re going through Vegas, we know these guys have been affected by this. What can we do to help? Let’s set up a show, maybe we can just provide fun for a little bit.”

The group is already working on setting up a concert for next year. “We were talking with your teachers,” says Kubanda, “so maybe next year in March we can come through again.”