Flatliners: an unscientific horror remake of a 90’s scifi flick that should’ve stayed dead


Avery Fernandez

The 2017 remake of the film Flatliners is showing moviegoers everywhere that surviving death may not be as great as we might expect. Five medical students set out to understand the confines of life while conducting a daring and dangerous experiment to gain insight into the mysteries of what lies beyond death. Instead, they discover sinister side effects.

What sounds like a potentially intriguing concept emerged as a critical and box office bust.

Flatliners is a remake of an original 1990 version, in which five students discover the after effects of death.

“Well, I mean in its essence, it’s definitely the story we set out to make,” says director Niels Arden Oplev. “But there were certain things that we decided to alter in the pre-production and during shooting when we decided that the scary scenes in the film would have to be scarier.”

Despite the efforts, viewers were left with a nearly dessicated storyline with accentuated scare moments.Character development was minimal as well, with only Ellen Page’s character, Courtney, getting a true introduction.

Oplev’s remake of Flatliners is supposed to be a Drama/Science Fiction film but ultimately failed to meet expectations of either genre. With a noticeable focus on the movie scarier, substantive SciFy aspects were left out, leaving science fiction fans disappointed. With the focus of horror, the true genre of the movie is left with no true development.

Flatliners does a great job of sending shivers down the viewer’s spine, but viewers who expected an intriguing science fiction movie will be vastly underwhelmed. For those horror watchers, this a great movie and makes you wish you could hide under a blanket – but for those SciFi fanatics, it’s simply a disappointment.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film an impressively horrendous 5% rating, and IMBd awarded it a 4.9/10. Jeffrey M. Anderson from Common Sense Media wrote,”This remake of the popular 1990 hit starts with the same intriguing idea and goes down the same superficial, empty-headed path.” Harsh.

Despite beginning with a great story concept, this 2017 remake of the popular 1990’s version became a great failure. Let’s just hope it stays dead this time.