Welcome Back Chargers


Chris Oh

Is everyone charged up for a new school year? Welcome back Chargers, and get pumped for a new school year. First order of business is looking back at all the spectacular accomplishments by our fellow peers.

Huge shoutout to Trey Woodbury for committing to none other than the University of Las Vegas (UNLV). Trey, who was a top recruit in the country announced his commitment on July 31st.

Another major accomplishment is by Shan Reddy who was able to clutch out a perfect score of 36 on the June ACT. He is in the top 0.01% in the country when it comes to the ACT, so huge congrats to him.

Now moving onto the freshmen – welcome to Ed. W Clark High School! Although high school may seem like a scary place right now, give it a month and you will feel right at home. Not only does Clark have Nevada’s Principal of the Year, but it was ranked by the Washington Post as one of America’s Most Challenging High Schools. Which means you’ll be receiving quality education no matter what program you’re in. Hopefully all this news isn’t scaring you.

Here are a few tips. First, just make sure to not start beef with anyone. Instead, focus on your classes. Furthermore, try to make the most of all the opportunities that Clark has to offer as we have numerous extracurriculars such as DECA, Science Olympiad, and HOSA. What these clubs will offer are memories that last a lifetime. State trips, competitions, national trips, learning a ton – the list goes on.

Ask senior Aakash Shah, who says that without the extracurriculars, he believes he wouldn’t have enjoyed freshman year like he did. He said that at first he was shy and didn’t know how to make friends, however through these clubs and organizations he was able to break out of his shell and interact with people who had the same interests as him. Make the most of every chance that is presented to you in your freshman year – you’ll have tons of fun and grow a lot.

At the end of the day, high school will only become as fun as you make it. If you dread going to class and shy away from other students, then of course you’ll have a tough time. But, if you enjoy the classes you’re in and join the clubs that are offered here, then you’ll make high school more enjoyable as you will make friends and create a special bond with Clark.