Clark’s New Tutoring Program

Clarks New Tutoring Program

Sam Hwang, Education Editor

It’s time we step up our game. During the year of online schooling, failing rates rose sharply across the district, yet the hard times have not yet passed. The word in the halls at Clark is that ½ of the senior class is in no shape to graduate. A general sense of apathy continues to pervade the learning environment. Many students feel as though they’re being pushed past their breaking points. Fortunately, we have not met our end. 

The AMSAT Student Advisory Board has implemented a school wide tutoring program to provide students in need with round-the-clock aid. The program runs after school everyday, and the tutors are trained in nearly all subjects. Even select electives, such as violin tutoring, are offered. For those whose weekday afternoons are packed with more pressing obligations, the tutors are also willing to teach virtually on the weekends. White flyers to sign up can be found on bulletin boards all across the campus and in many teacher’s classrooms. Links were also provided to the teachers via email to be posted on Canvas pages. 

A school wide endeavor naturally requires the efforts of the entire school community. Therefore, yellow flyers have also been posted to recruit potential tutors. The AMSAT Student Advisory Board is working with school clubs and organizations, such as National Honors Society, Future Business Leaders of America, and HOSA, to reach out to potential tutors with the promise of volunteer hours. 

Our experiences over the past few years have shown us that there remain many problems to be fixed within education. Unfortunately, there are not enough teachers on Clark’s campus to serve the individual needs of each individual student. 100-200 teachers cannot be expected to personally aid 3,000+ students. However, their peers can. We students possess the tools for change within our very own hands. It’s time that we stopped waiting for a signal—the gunshot at the starting line—and actively took an interest in our own education. It’s time we recognized that education is ours to mold; we alone hold the key to our own salvation. Thus, it’s time that we not only help our fellow students but also take our fate into our own hands. Let us take ownership of our failures and our successes, our sorrows and our joys, our struggles and our victories. The pandemic has placed the ball in our court. Will we take control of our learning?