Graduation: Everything You Need to Know

Dylan Patel, Executive Editor

Attention Seniors! We have great news for you – graduation! That’s right, an IN-PERSON graduation session has been approved for most high schools here in Clark County. 

Here’s some information you need to know:

Date, Time, and Location: Graduation will take place on May 27th, 2021, at the Orleans Arena. There are two times available: 4pm and 8pm. Last Friday (April 29th) at 8pm, a graduation google form opened, allowing you to pick your preferred time. Please remember that is first come first serve, so be ready. Another important thing to note is that both ceremonies will be roughly equal in size, meaning after one time slot is filled, it will no longer be available for additional seniors.

Google Form: 

Rehearsal: This mandatory rehearsal will take place on May 26th, between the times of 8am and 1pm, depending on which time you chose for the ceremony. 

Guest Policy: Each student will be given 4 tickets for whomever they wish to invite. Four is a hard limit, as reservations for seating and social distancing must be in place at the Orleans Arena. If you have more than four people that you want to come, it is in your best interest to host a watch party for anyone unable to attend the live graduation, as it will be live-streamed on Vegas PBS.

Cap & Gown: All participating graduates must wear Clark’s customized cap and gown. Any Clark gown from Class of 2020 or newer will work. If you have not already, make sure to order off the Josten’s website, as third-party gowns are not approved. The deadline is May 3rd to buy a Cap & Gown. They will be distributed on May 26th during the mandatory rehearsal.

Cap & Gown Link:

For additional information regarding dress code, appropriate items and belongings, COVID-19 protocols, parking, photography, and more, please check your emails, as Mrs. Okelberry has outlined full details about graduation.

This is it seniors. We’re at the final stretch. I know you may feel like you’re already done, but we still have a month left. Make sure to keep up your classes and attendance to meet the necessary requirements. It has been a tough year, but we’re nearly there! I hope to see you all at graduation!