Woman Uses Gorilla Glue in Hair, Faces Consequences

Antonio Mosby, Staff Writer

Tessica Brown is a woman who went viral after using Gorilla Glue adhesive spray on her hair. She underwent a surgical procedure to save the remaining hair on her scalp and bring a finale to this strange Internet story.

Tessica expressed her dilemma on TikTok after undergoing a four-hour surgery in Los Angeles where the adhesive was removed. Before the surgery, Brown had her ponytail extension cut off at the root leaving the base of her hair, which remained glued down. The surgery was performed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng, who offered to do the procedure for free, TMZ reported. Dr. Obeng noticed no immediate damage to her scalp, but he told Brown she would experience sensitivity and gave her a dose of a steroid to reduce inflammation. After the procedure, Brown was captured by TMZ cameras reaching for her scalp and feeling relief as her hair was no longer stuck together. 

“Jesus Christ, I can scratch it,” says Brown in the video. 

Obeng explained to TMZ that the formula he used to remove the heavy-duty adhesive from Brown’s hair included acetone, a medical-grade adhesive remover, and more natural solutions like aloe vera and olive oil.

Brown’s predicament has attracted the interest of people online who have stood by eating for updates. 

“She’s been through a lot. I hope that you guys will learn from Tessica’s injuries, or Tessica’s ordeal — make sure that anytime you guys grab something… you read it,” he said.