Burger King Apologizes for Offensive Tweet


Antonio Mosby (2019-2020), Staff Writer

After the release of a satirical tweet on International Women’s Day, Burger King U.K. has officially apologized for and deleted the tweet that read, “Women belong in the kitchen.”

The aforementioned tweet was the opening of a thread in which posts directly under explained that the brand wanted to see more women in positions of culinary leadership and would be creating a new scholarship program to help them follow those dreams.

Since tweets are often shared individually without the context of replies, many users believed that the message was shadowed by the use of the sexist trope.

Fernando Machado, global CMO for Burger King parent company Restaurant Brands International, defended the intent of the campaign throughout the day, but also emphasized that sharing a notoriously sexist trope like “Women belong in the kitchen” without immediate context was a mistake.

 Just before 9:30 p.m.in  London time, the brand’s U.K. accounted tweeted the following apology:

When the apology was released, the original International Women’s Day tweet remained on the account, but was deleted within the same hour .

Machado also noted on Twitter that the “Women belong in the kitchen” tweet was removed by the brand because of toxic and threatening comments being made in the replies, often against women criticizing Burger King.