WandaVision: Taking the Internet by Storm

WandaVision: Taking the Internet by Storm

Ella Massey

Have you heard of WandaVision?

WandaVision is a new Disney+ show based on Marvel’s limited series “House of M”, among other classic comics. Main characters Wanda and Vision were introduced by the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2015’s box office hit Avengers: Age of Ultron alongside the superhero Quicksilver.

Unlike its timeline predecessors, WandaVision starts off as a 1960’s black and white comedy. However, as the plot moves forward, the show continues through time and the setting goes into color. Each episode seems to mimic a classic sitcom of each decade; the 60’s one is remarkably similar to¬†Bewitched, a story about a housewife and witch who tries to live a normal life with her husband.

The first episode, called¬†“Filmed Before a Life Studio Audience”, is 29 minutes long. The introduction can be a bit confusing- after all, the last time we saw these characters was during a big screen warzone. Now, they are living as 1960’s sitcom superheroes.

The second episode, called “Don’t Touch That Dial,” is thirty-six minutes long with about seven minutes of credits. In this episode, the oddities and inconsistencies of the show start to become clearer, picking up the sense of mystery that speeds up the show’s pace.

The rest of the episodes can be found on Disney+. WandaVision is a groundbreaking show with a lot of potential in its unique setting, and I would definitely recommend binging through this new release to any Marvel fan!