BTS Releases New Album: “BE”


Khrystal Sanidad, Staff Writer

Weeks after the world’s biggest boy band, BTS, accomplished a number one single in the US with disco-pop success “Dynamite”, they had released their new album “BE”. The album’s more intimate, comforting feeling helps their fans navigate these rough times.

“BE” implies a sense of being or existing. It is an open-ended nature that helps each member and the group as a whole portray their stories, thoughts, and inspirations. The main title track of the album is “Life Goes on,” which also delivers a comforting message that BTS wants to give off to the audience, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. The album itself speaks directly to the situation everyone is in, with both the stress and the consequences. What better way to long for better times than to dance in tears during this difficult time?

In fact, while the pandemic had given the 7 members— RM, Jin, Suga, Jhope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook— time off, it also gave them a chance to get busy with the album. The album has been creatively assembled with the participation of each member playing a role in a certain concept. The participation of the group through music, visuals, photo concepts, and more is a huge step for Korean pop as groups are usually under their company’s desires. Group Leader RM participated in producing, Jin and Suga were in charge of the album jacket, Jhope was the choreographer, Jimin was the project manager, V was in charge of visual aspects, and Jungkook was the director. While a step out of their comfort zone in the roles they played, the album was wholeheartedly put together for their fans.

The album includes different songs that can be saddening, but there are some that are uplifting to express the mood in BTS’s unique way. “Life Goes on” and “Fly to My Room” set the tone that implies the longing for better times. “Blue & Grey”, the song written by V himself which was meant for his mixtape but was included in the album, gives a dark, gloomy, and heartbreaking feeling through his deep and meaningful lyrics. “Stay” and “Telepathy” embrace more of the disco-pop of  “Dynamite”. Then, the album finishes off with “Dynamite”, which has set so many records. These include: BTS becoming the first Korean artists to get No.1 on Billboard Hot 100, the first to hold a record for most-viewed video in the first 24 hours of release on Youtube, and the first to receive a Grammy nomination.

“I want to be on the Billboard Hot 100 with a single that has Korean lyrics,” He said. Then their fans, who are referred to as their “Army”, gave him exactly what he asked for as “Life Goes on” drew 14.9 million U.S. streams.

So, what better way to spend this Holiday during these difficult times to be comforted by not only their biggest accomplished album, sad & connecting songs, and uplifting & disco vibes, but also to appreciate the diversity that is being brought into the music scene in the U.S. BTS paved the way for KPOP, and this is great to spend your free time to listen and dive into something new.