Art Programs, Unite! Creative Writing Club and Dance Joint Program


Krystal Robinson

Every new member of Clark’s Creative Writing Club is welcomed and immediately given an essential handout: How to Write Poetry.

“We understand poetry isn’t everyone’s thing, so these are some tips to help you,” says Krystal Robinson, Creative Writing Club’s Vice President.

Creative Writing Club (CWC) has been making significant strides in recent weeks, and its latest project involves a partnership with Clark’s Dance Program.

Falling Into Spring showcases have always been intriguing and often incredible happenings at Clark, but how will Clark’s dance instructor Ms. Jessica Sneek be able to incorporate writing into the aspect of dancing?

“It fuses the art forms together,” says Sneek. “It helps dancers – students – see how the art forms are all connected and how one can add to the other and vice versa. With Dance’s first show quickly approaching, Clark’s art lovers will now bear witness to a unique and daring intersection of art forms.

“CWC’s intent this year is to be more involved with the school,” says Robinson. “We want to collaborate and work with other programs.”

“After all,” says Sneek, “every art form is beautiful and important. Expect a lot of emotion. Art – creative writing, dance – can touch on every emotion.”