Chargers – Stay #VEGASSTRONG


Charger Chant Staff

On Sunday, October 1st, 2017, Stephen Paddock, a domestic terrorist, wreaked havoc on innocent concertgoers at the Route-91 Country Music Festival, killing 59 and injured over 500 when he opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

The horrific shooting shook the City of Las Vegas to its core, and is a reminder to a grieving nation about the value of a life.

While the attacker intended to divide the nation and to cripple a city, Las Vegas showed the entire country what it means to be resilient and united. First responders helped transport over five hundred injured concert goers to local hospitals. Sunrise Hospital, the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the city, took in nearly a hundred critically injured patients and worked ceaselessly to save as many as possible. Doctors and other personnel worked for over eighteen straight hours to aid as many patients as possible. Surgeons in training at Nellis Air Force Base and at Coronado Island flew over in the early morning to assist in overwhelmed medical faculties. Thanks to the heroic work of these doctors, nurses, and citizens, over 80 critically-injured victims were saved and hundreds more were treated.

By 8am, blood donation centers throughout the city were filled to capacity, and lines to donate extended for miles out the doors. Countless companies gave employees time off to donate blood. High schools from around the Valley encouraged eligible students to go donate. Elementary schools close to the attack set up emergency blood donation centers to help more volunteers donate. As of October 3rd, reservations to donate blood are booked through the tenth.

An entire city – an entire family – rallied to support those impacted by this event.

Monday at Clark High School was eerily quiet. While classes still resumed as scheduled, students and faculty struggled to stay focused in light of what had happened the night before. The typically lively passing periods saw students quiet, ready to console friends in the hallways. Student Council posted banners of love and support throughout the hallways, and counselors are available for students to talk to.

The Charger Community did not waver in the face of adversity; instead, each member of this school was reminded that they were not alone, and that their struggles and burdens are lessened by the steadfast support of their friends, peers, teachers, administrators, and fellow citizens.

A rallying cry of resolve and positivity has spread throughout the city. Las Vegas stands strong, with love and solidarity for each other and this great city.

Here, the movement that started as #CHARGERSTRONG has become so much more – Las Vegans everywhere stand together: #VEGASSTRONG.


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