Welcome to Creative Writing Club, we are happy to have you.


Krystal Robinson

Many people find serenity in art, whether it be writing poems, drawing, sculpting, baking sweet treats; everyone has at least some creativity.  Advised by Ms. Teller, Creative Writing Club not only promotes creativity, but they guide and nurture it as well. Filled with writers from everywhere with different strengths, CWC is a place where you are free to write to your heart’s content.

This year’s board began with a bang. They are intent on making this year even better than years past and seek to create a name for who and what they are as a community.

According to Evangela Dias, President of the Creative Writing Club, their plans for the year are to, “get us more involved with the school.” They already have events set in place, so lovers of literature take note.

“We will be having a coffeehouse poetry slam and another poetry slam on the 6th of April,” says Dias with a smile. “Mark your calendars!”

There are many talented writers in the club. Dias says that she’s been writing ever since kindergarten, wielding a writing style of “mystery [and] romance.”

She works closely with her Vice President, Krystal Robinson, and both girls’ passion for writing is evident in everything they do during their meetings.

“I’ve been passionate about writing for a long time,” says Robinson. “My writing genre is, a mixture, but mainly, action and romance.”

“Join,” prompts Dias, “because no matter what level you are, no matter your skill, your genre, how insecure or confident you may be, there is always a place for you in Creative Writing Club.”