Clark’s New Publications Teacher


Meet Clark’s new Publications teacher, Ms. Desalvo!

Krystal Robinson

Fresh from the Windy City, Ms. Chelsea Desalvo is one of the new faculty members here at Clark. Teaching English and Publications 1, she has 4 years teaching experience and is spending her second year here in Vegas. Welcome, Ms. Desalvo, it’s good to have you here. 

“I love Clark! It’s the best,” says Desalvo. Hailing from the Chicago suburbs, she attended Bolingbrook High School and then Illinois State University, where she found her favorite classes to be English and Graphic Design.

“I love reading and I love writing,” she says. “I’m really interested in art and design as a whole.”

In her first year working to create a yearbook, Desalvo describes the process as “fun, and a good challenge” that she thoroughly enjoys. But most of all, she says that she enjoys learning from her students and seeing their passion for creating something.

Desalvo attributes her high school experience to her desire to be a teacher. “I had a great high school experience,” she says, it was what helped her decision to become a teacher.

Desalvo says that as she decided to become a teacher, she realized that she wanted to show her students that she genuinely cares about them, that she cares about more than their grades, but also about them as people and their well-being. 

“She’s very excited,” says Ms. Desalvo’s co-teacher, Clark’s librarian Ms. Hamilton. “I can picture her in any classroom she’s taught in the past, with that same enthusiasm for teaching. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together this year.”