Instagram’s New Algorithm Upsets Users

Instagrams New Algorithm Upsets Users

Khrystal Sanidad

Instagram has begun upgrading their algorithm and user interface, but their so-called “improvements” worrying many users over the direction the  media is headed towards. Several influencers have pointed out the unreasonable changes that have been made to not only the layout, but also unnecessary features. These include a shopping page and a “Reels” feature which seems to mimic TikTok. And they did not just add these features- they replaced the original layout and placed the shopping feature where the notification tab was, annoying many long-time users. Meanwhile, Reels has replaced the page previously used to create posts.

Many different prominent influencers have provided their opinion on the changes, which tend to follow one main trend: “Instagram does not care about their users.” Despite the expansion of businesses and creators, Instagram’s algorithms for preferential recommendations have caused “shadowbans” in which certain organizations’ posts are not seen or shared. Regardless of following size, Instagram users have complained about their posts no longer being viewed. While a majority of students use Instagram to promote after-school activities, upcoming events, clubs, sports, and more, Instagram’s new changes has made the sharing of information even more difficult. Rather than fixing prominent problems within the app, the developers are focusing on changes that no one is asking for.

Well-known makeup artist and influencer James Charles even posted a rant on his Instagram story.

“They moved everything around and it makes it very, very clear where their priorities lie, and that is making money and only making m oney. Nobody asked for Reels, we have TikTok for a reason,” he explained.

The company has claimed that the changes were taken in order to “keep up with the fast-paced evolution of technology use patterns.” This statement has caused speculation over so-called “dark patterns”. Dark patterns are tricks on websites and applications that allow you to do things other than what you intended, such as purchasing something you were not aware you had bought. Some even argue that the menu layout is a trick to utilize muscle memory users have developed on the app to click on the shopping tag by accident.

Instagram clearly has a competent User Interface team that can understand the users’ disappointment and feedback. We hope that the site will take into account the user response and work to create more positive developments rather than unnecessary hindrances.