Halloween is Over. Now Which Candy Should I Actually Eat?


Ella Massey

Do you know your Halloween candy?

The weeks after Halloween, there are certain candies in their pillowcases everyone looks forward to. And then there are the candies that are left at the bottom for years on end. This is a list of the five best and worst Halloween candies according to a fifteen year old candy eater.

Worst Candies

And in Number Five: Twizzlers.

Every year, someone in the neighborhood gives out tons of these plastic-tasting licorice. Most of the time you can’t even bite through the so-called candy, and you’re only eating this if there’s nothing else left.

In Number Four: Tootsie Rolls.

Eating Tootsie Rolls is like eating an eraser. It’s never good. You never get a fresh one; they’re always stale and take an hour to chew.

In Number Three: Almond Joys and Mounds.

These abominations of candy are not fit for consumption. Every time you get one, they are melted and reshaped. Coconut belongs on everything… except for candy.

In Number Two: Baby Ruths.

Baby Ruths are so bad, you have probably forgotten how bad they are. You cannot remember just how bad they are, because you try to erase them from your mind each time.

And… the Number One Worst Candy: Candy Corn.

The worst Halloween candy in the world is Candy Corn. Candy Corn tastes like artificial sugar and wax mixed together. This candy gives a backlash from the awful taste. This is what you give the kids that you don’t like.

Best Candies

In Number Four: Starburst.

Starburst are very good when fresh and taste exactly like your childhood. The downside? They are hard to chew, especially when stale.

In Number Three: Sour Patch Kids.

Sour Patch Kids are some of the best candies all year round. They taste like sour heaven mixed with sweet fruit. These are always great to have, and they taste good regardless of what time it is.

In Number Two: Reese’s Pieces.

During Halloween, they have different shapes, from pumpkins to bats. These shapes taste ten times better than the buttercups. In both forms, they are peanut butter goodness.

And… in first place! The Number One Best Candy: Kit Kats.

Kit Kats are the next level candies during Halloween. They taste like wafer and chocolate goodness. Kit Kats have my heart, and they will always have it during Halloween!

So, thank you for reading my list! Hope you enjoyed it, and that you can use this when you’re on that Halloween binge.