Dak Prescott Injured


Antonio Mosby

Dak Prescott started off the 2020 season with nine touchdowns and 1800 yards – and was only improving. This improvement cannot be explored, however, with his season ending prematurely after a gruesome ankle injury.

Even though the Dallas Cowboys started the season with a 1-3 record, Prescott and the Cowboys had the chance to bounce back against the New York Giants. Although they started slow, trailing 14-3 in the first quarter, Prescott made a comeback from an early pick-six; the Cowboys had a 24-20 lead at the half. Unfortunately, his attempt to scramble for the red zone in the third quarter was his season’s demise.

Prescott’s right ankle got caught when tackled by defensive back Logan Ryan. Just watching how his ankle bent, fans could tell that this was a serious injury. Dak held back tears as he was carted off the field, and he was taken away in an ambulance and admitted to a local hospital for surgery. It was later revealed his ankle was dislocated along with a compound fracture.  He is currently set to recover in 4-6 months, which would see him return in late April or early May, according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who has strong faith in the return of the star quarterback. Prescott shared this to instagram and seems to be in high spirits: “Forever thankful for all the love and support I’ve received, I’ll be back stronger and better. Thank you all.”

Prescott leaves the 2020 season having been on pace to take Peyton Manning’s title of most passing yards in a season. He was projected to pass for 1,400 more yards.  We will see if this record-breaking season is attainable for Prescott in 2021.

Prescott entered the 2020 season on a $31.4 million establishment after the previous fourth-round pick, and the Cowboys again did not settle on a bargain in 2020, making it his second sequential agreement year with the club. The present status of issues with respect to his well being has “in no way, shape or form” deflected the group from their objective of returning to talks when the normal season is finished, per group executive Stephen Jones. That is an opinion repeated in remarks from Jerry Jones himself, who keeps on pounding home the desire Prescott will not just return in full health, but he will do as such in a Cowboys uniform.