A Legend Returns: The McRib

A Legend Returns: The McRib

Daniel Chong

McDonald’s fan favorite, the McRib, is set to be released to 14,000 locations on December 2.

The McRib is a simple but beautiful design, created by the same chef who masterminded the Chicken McNugget. The sandwich consists of a tender pork patty shaped to look like a rack of ribs and served  on a rectangular bun with small sesame seeds. The pork shoulder patty is smothered with barbeque sauce and topped with white onions and pickles; this conception has been a massive hit and fan favorite since its release nearly forty years ago. The delicious sandwich has a habit of popping up for a limited time on a random schedule, released only regionally, but after an eight-year hiatus, it is finally returning nationally.

Although many have speculated the McRib will face more competition than initially thought, new sandwich food items tend to become extremely popular when they pop up. The famous Popeye’s chicken sandwich, winner of our chicken sandwich ranking list, is one such example of this rising popularity. Meanwhile, the increased accessibility might even further improve the McRib’s success. In previous years, the McRib’s release had prompted fast food pilgrimages driven by scarcity, but now, the increased availability might drive sales with less consumer effort.

So, this December 2nd, make sure to check out the McRib at McDonalds!