President Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

Khrystal Sanidad

On October 2nd, President Trump reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus alongside Melania Trump, the first lady. Recently Trump has been preparing for the upcoming Presidential election, which included attending several events, campaigns, and a live debate. 

Seven days before he tested positive, the Supreme Court pick had been held and 200 people were present. Supreme Court pick, Judge Amy Coney Barret, fortunately, tested negative. However, it has been said that at least seven others who attended the event had tested positive, but their exposure is unknown. Trump also held a COVID-19 briefing on the 28th with the Vice President and others. Then, on the 29th, he had the Presidential debate with Joe Biden. His attendance in rather large gatherings was held outdoors more than indoors and, according to US media, the people who come in contact with him may be too reliant on the testing system that they don’t wear masks nor social distance.

For several months, Trump had denied wearing a mask and questioned its effectiveness. Even after he had spent months playing down the severity of the outbreak, during the opening Presidential debate he said mockingly towards Biden, “I don’t wear masks like him. Every time you see him, he’s got a mask”.

Though it happens on the day of the debate, observers said that Melania Trump and other family members were maskless as everyone else on Biden’s side of the room, including Jill Biden, had a mask. Biden had tested for covid six times after Trump had announced that he was infected and turned out to be negative. However, for some time, the White House has been leaving everyone with questions on when Trump had last tested negative for COVID-19. They denied it for several days till Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley said that he tested negative for consecutive days.

Trump’s diagnosis is an obstacle he must face, considering election day is less than a month away. However, Trump has recently tested negative for COVID-19. The impact that his sickness may have had, however, is yet to be seen.