Clark’s New Junior Counselor: Mr. Resendez

Ella Massey

Clark juniors, meet one of our new counselors: Mr. Resendez! After spending eleven years teaching P.E. at Fertitta Middle School, this is his first year counseling here at Clark.

Mr. Resendez is enjoying Vegas a lot.

“I really enjoy the many family and friends that come to visit Las Vegas where I can be included in their plans. I also enjoy the many entertainment options. La Vegas has many places to go like Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Cirque du Soleil, and many more. Las Vegas also has some of the best hikes in the valley.”

Everyone has their favorite parts of high school. For Mr. Resendez, those were sports, class trips, pep assemblies and leaving campus for lunch.

Mr. Resendez chose to be a counselor to help students differently than when he was a teacher.

“I wanted to help young people in a different capacity other than a teacher. That and I wanted to get away from middle school-aged students.”, commented Mr. Resendez. Additionally, he takes pride in helping students program their classes to graduate.

“Junior year is very important, especially in regards to academics and testing. You want to make sure that you reset up to enjoy your senior year even more. This year may have started off a little funky, but I do believe that things will return to normal and everyone will be more thankful for what they have. So, continue to do everything you can achieve, power through, and realize that distance learning will not last forever,” said Mr. Resendez when asked if he had any advice for juniors this year.