The New Clark Freshman Counselor


Ella Massey

Mrs. Loo is the new freshmen counselor at Clark. Although this is her second year at Clark, this will be her first year counseling here. Mrs. Loo loves Clark for the school spirit and its strong connection to its community.

“I am so grateful to be a part of [the Clark community]!”, exclaimed Mrs. Loo.

High School is one of the best opportunities to try new things like sports, clubs, sports, events, and performing arts programs.

“Looking back, I wish I tried more things and attended more events”, said Loo.  

Many of us have never been to Honolulu, but Mrs. Loo came all the way from the Pacific to be with us.

“The main difference between Honolulu and Las Vegas is that I’m no longer surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Going to the beach was something my family and I liked doing. The tropical climate meant that it was summer year-round. I don’t do too well in the cold weather”, she explained.

Mrs. Loo became a counselor because of the great counselors and supportive teachers who were there to lead her in the right direction.

“I knew I wanted to do the same when I was an adult”, said Mrs. Loo. 

Mrs. Loo has shown great interest in student health, and how Clark helps every one of its students. She can not wait until she gets to see the students face again. 

When asked if she had any message for students, Mrs. Loo said, “We are all in this together. This school year is not ideal, but if we focus on things we can control, such as our thoughts and behaviors, we can have a great, successful school year. I am here to help in any capacity that I have.”