We Get to Develop Minecraft?!


Avery Fernandez

With the Minecraft Live Event, Mojang announced something huge for its expansive player base- a new mob. The best part? We all got to pitch in and vote for which one they add.

Minecraft was created in 2009 by the eccentric Markus “Notch” Perrson. The second the game went live, almost every kid ran to play it. It changed people’s lives and allowed millions to come together and form communities centered around using their creativity and teamwork to develop incredible virtual worlds.

Even after eleven years of amazing game development, Mojang still cares about its players, as evidenced by their community inclusion in the mob creation process.

Three mobs were revealed to the public, which included the Moobloom, Iceologer, and glow squid, as seen in the featured image above in their respective order.

The Iceologer is supposed to be a twist on the evil Illager from Mojang’s game, Minecraft Dungeons. It will thrive in the snowy, icy, and rocky areas of Minecraft, constantly terrorizing the player base by hurling flying ice clouds at them. By voting for the Iceologer, another hostile mob will be added into the game, but more importantly, a new biome will be added as well to facilitate their lore.

The Moobloom, on the other hand, is coming straight from Minecraft Earth. They will interact with bees and thrive in the flower forests of Minecraft. While they seem to add the least to the game, they ultimately look amazing while adding another passive mob to Minecraft.

The Glow Squid is a luminescent sea creature also from Minecraft Earth. The Glow Squid will be the first mob in Minecraft to be naturally glowing. Along with adding another passive mob to Minecraft, they completely change the atmosphere of the oceans in the game, shifting the dark gloomy oceans to a vibrant sea of shining creatures.

The last time Mojang did this, the player base voted for one of the most annoying things ever added to the game- the Phantom. The push for players to make the right choice was greater than ever and, in my opinion, the choice was quite simple. While The Iceologer seems cool and I want more biomes, it ultimately is just adding another mob to annoy players in the game, and we already have enough of that with the Illagers and Pillagers. The Moobloom seems beautiful and cool but lacks anything to seriously change the game. So, my choice was the Glow Squid- an opportunity to transform the atmosphere of the deep, dark oceans of Minecraft. Thankfully, the Glow Squid was chosen.

Make sure to keep on the lookout for more Minecraft development choices, and if you’ve never played Minecraft, try downloading it at minecraft.net!