Meet the New Junior Counselor: Ms. Smith


Khrystal Sanidad

Clark gets to welcome a new junior counselor this year: Ms. Smith! After fourteen years of being a counselor at SECTA and CSN High school, she has made the decided to make a change and join the charger family. Transitioning to another school was stressful, especially in times like these, but she managed to settle very quickly after her warm welcome from staff and students. In fact, she was even more comfortable and excited about returning to school because of her interest in sports.

“I love it here,” said Ms. Smith. “Everyone I have met has been incredibly nice and welcoming. It will be even better when the kids come back. I also can’t wait for sports to come back, I need a place to wear the gold sparkly tennis shoes I bought!”

Ms. Smith is not only excited for Clark sports; she seems to enjoy the outdoors in general. She spends her free time hiking and kayaking, and she loves nature. However, what inspires her most is our principal, Mrs. Larnerd. The way Mrs. Larnerd handles the school motivates Ms. Smith to work towards her goals and try to wake up every morning hoping to do her best, just like Mrs. Larnerd does for us.

“My goal is to leave each day helping one student… big or small, we all need a helping hand at sometime or another,” said Ms. Smith.

In high school, Mrs. Smith spent her years searching for what she wanted to do without much help. We don’t know how many juniors are in the same position, but Ms. Smith wants to change that and be there to help make sure you have options and plans for your future. With the mistakes she made and lessons she learned from her high school experience, she’s a great example of it never being too late to achieve what you want.

“I love helping students find their journey, and I know from experience that we all don’t start out successful in high school. I’m a perfect example of that! Some students just need more time to figure things out, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to information on their options.”