Meet Ms. Abrego, One of Clark’s Newest Math Teachers


Bella Ho

Clark High School has a new Algebra 1 teacher to look forward to this year. Mrs. Kate Abrego has only been a teacher at Clark for only two weeks, and she already loves it. She admires how engaged everyone is in school, extracurriculars, and how impressive our school spirit is.

 “Everyone here is so proud to be a Clark Charger!” she said happily.

This year, she is looking forward to getting to know all her students and, hopefully, being able to meet them in person. Abrego hopes to bring her love and excitement for math to her students. 

As a student, she was born and raised in Las Vegas, and she even attended her first year of high school at Las Vegas Academy until she had to move. Ms. Abrego loved school as a student and still does; during high school, she was very studious and active in extracurriculars. She was a part of the school’s band, fencing, and the drama department. She even hopes to start a crafting club at Clark, especially since her hobbies include cross-stitching and crocheting. She also takes part in baking and various types of games.

Abrego’s motto is to “live your life with integrity and always be the best you can be.”