Clark’s New Mystery Vice Principal


Elisia Hurley

Clark has a new mystery woman in the office, and her name is Ms. Braxton. Ms. Braxton came to Clark in March while we were on break during COVID-19, but she’s looking forward to meeting us.

Ms. Braxton does a lot- she’s in charge of the eleventh-grade house, manages most standardized testing (including the PSAT and ACT), and works with Mr. Krallman to oversee the athletics department.

When asked about how she was liking Clark, Ms. Braxton responded enthusiastically.

“I love being at Clark! Even though I started during the quarantine and haven’t had a chance to meet many students, I love the culture and positivity at this school. Everyone has made me feel welcome and I appreciate it!”

Ms. Braxton also enjoys the history and culture of Clark, and she is very excited to see everyone (safely) return to the building soon.

“[I’m looking forward to] the students! I love being able to help students as we navigate through these challenging times.”

Growing up, Ms. Braxton was a military brat who travelled all over the country, living in Nevada, North Dakota, New Mexico, and California.

“My father was in the Air Force, and I went to several schools growing up. In middle school, we were stationed at Nellis, and I attended Bridger Middle School, but I moved to Japan when I was in the 8th grade,” explained Ms. Braxton.

She eventually settled in Las Vegas and has been here for the past 18 years. She attended UNLV and taught high school biology for ten years. Outside of school, Braxton likes to get outside as much as possible and plans on doing it more frequently as it cools down.

“I love to go cycling and I try to get outside as much as I can. I also enjoy reading,” she said.

Ms. Braxton aspires to bring a positive attitude and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to help students at Clark. While she doesn’t have any particular motto, she always tries to treat everyone as she would like to be treated.