What’s Going on with Senior Sunrise?


Class of 2017 Pose during their Senior Sunrise

Antonio Mosby

Senior year is the culmination of all of our necessary schooling, and for many, represents a step towards maturity and adulthood. Senior sunrises are a tradition to welcome this step, marking the beginning of the end of high school. As the name indicates, the sunrise is dedicated to the recognition by incoming twelfth graders of just how far they have come.

On the day of the event, students wake up early and head to school. During the sunrise, the seniors make crowns- representations of each student’s individuality. Each school has their own twist on the special tradition, but usually, the students meet at the school’s football field and take pictures to celebrate. Some schools have their students write their hopes into a balloon and release them into the air.

But many are wondering- at a time like this, should we even be hosting senior sunrises?

For at least the entire first semester, CCSD hasn’t allowed students to attend school due to COVID-19. Since this summer, citizens in the US have been urged to wear masks and social distance. Large gatherings have been discouraged, and these concerns shouldn’t be ignored; in CCSD alone, there have been over sixty thousand cases.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped some students from ignoring safety protocols. Seniors from Valley, Legacy, Northwest High School, and more have reportedly been planning secret senior sunrises. Seniors from one local high school were seen without masks in what looks like a picture of the entire senior class.

To address some of these concerns and understand how Clark will manage the senior sunrise, members of the Charger Chant Staff spoke to STUCO president Aaliyah Lopez.

“Just like any other event for any grade, senior events are very special. It’s our last year, and all the traditions are now passed onto us. Especially now, experiencing a senior sunrise not only keeps the tradition going, but everyone’s spirits up.”

Aaliyah also responded to worries about COVID at the sunrise.

“I believe that any social gathering is very risky. However, if students follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask to minimize the amount of contact we have with each other, I feel more at ease… [especially] knowing that many other schools are having a senior sunrise. At the end of the day, our safety is the only thing that matters. It’s taking a little time to figure out how to make it safe and fun for all our seniors,” explained Aaliyah. “It’s coming, so don’t be discouraged! Our senior class president, Jocelyn Loredo, will be able to answer any questions you guys have related to this year’s senior sunrise.”

Most importantly, both Aaliyah and the Charger Chant staff want you to remain safe, and of course, Respect the C.