Clark Senior Released New Album

Clark Senior Released New Album

Dylan Patel

Antonio Mosby might seem like a normal Clark senior, but online, he is an up-and-coming artist who calls himself YG$ TJ. TJ dropped an album titled “Sorry For The Wait” over the summer, which includes sixteen tracks totaling forty minutes in length.

“The concept came to me around March or April. Prior to July, I hadn’t released music in over a year,” responded TJ when asked how and why the album was made. “The people that know I make music would constantly ask what I was working on, and I couldn’t really say because I felt uninspired.”

The “wall” that kept him from creating more music finally fell when his friends, who were also musicians, helped push him into learning how to engineer his songs. This reignited his passion for music.

After three months of hard work finding and mixing beats, creating vocals, and perfecting his album, “Sorry for the Wait” was released on July 17. TJ’s favorite songs from his album are Moonlight, Vogue, and Motto.

TJ also got to work with some of his friends on the album, with Clark senior Varun Kandoth producing the beat for the trackĀ On Her Wrists.

The message behind TJ’s album is simple.

“My music is back and better… I am inspired again to share what I’ve been working so hard on.”

TJ’s album is available on every major streaming platform, including Apple music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, Amazon Music, and TikTok. So, Chargers, make sure to check it out and give it a listen!