Clark Smash Club Attends LVLUP Expo


Jason Lee

When it comes to Clark’s non-sponsored clubs, the Super Smash Brothers Club (Smash Club) is one of the most popular. Clark students play every Tuesday and Friday in room 401. Whether people come to get better at the game or to relax after a long and exhausting school day, Smash Club is a place where any student can have fun.

On February 22, six members of Clark Smash Club went to participate in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament at LVL UP Expo 2020. LVL UP Expo is a gaming and anime convention where many Las Vegas locals, as well as people from adjacent states such as California and Arizona, go to compete in video game tournaments. They also have the opportunity to meet celebrity voice actors and buy merchandise from their favorite games and shows. 

The Smash Ultimate tournament at LVLUP Expo had over 600 participants, the largest amount of participants the series has had yet, including a multitude of high schoolers, adults, and even children.

“The sheer amount of attendees compared to last year’s was daunting, and I’m impressed that the event organizers managed to run pools in a more orderly fashion this time around,” said Jeremy Besitula, a Clark junior.

Clark Smash Club greatly appreciates the opportunity they were given by an organization called “Silver State Esports”, who collaborated with LVLUP Expo in order for high schools all over CCSD to participate in this tournament. With the help of SSE, the top 5 Smash Ultimate players from each school got to participate in LVLUP Expo for FREE. The 5 Clark players who benefitted from this were Stephen Cruz, Matias Meza, Sean Bean, Jeremy Besitula, and Jason Lee.