Varsity Quiz Dominating the Local Competition


David Teklea

Here at Clark, clubs like Science Olympiad and DECA are the go-to for many students trying to improve their college applications. Compared to these clubs, smaller alternatives are often seen as less important. 

But not Varsity Quiz. 

Despite its small size and the number of seniors on the team, the club’s recent success will be an enduring hallmark of the Chargers for years to come. 

Varsity Quiz is a regional quiz bowl competition featuring two teams of 5 students, each engaged in a fast-paced buzzer race to answer questions given by the moderator. Every match has three rounds, offering a variety of questions and opportunities to earn points. Round 1 has 25 toss-up questions (only individuals can buzz in), each worth 5 points. Round 2 alternates between toss-up and bonus questions (teams can confer on these questions if the team gets the toss-up right). Round 3 is the speed round, where a string of toss-up questions are read along with a shortened amount of time to answer them. Because team members participate in these competitions every week, they are constantly reviewing and practicing with their team in order to succeed in the future.

Throughout the season, high schools face off in a match every Monday. As the season progresses, the four highest-performing high schools are chosen to face off in the semifinals. These matches are broadcasted at the PBS Station on Fridays. Because the students are performing on TV, there is immense pressure to perform well. Despite this pressure, Clark has always conquered their competitions. 

Over the years, Clark has dominated its competitors throughout the Valley. This year marks both the fourth consecutive win for Clark and the eleventh first place finish overall. Unfortunately, it also marks the departure of team captain and club president Eshaan Vakil, as well as many seniors on the starting team. 

“We’d love to continue our winning streak, and we definitely hope to get next year’s freshmen involved in Varsity Quiz to make that happen. I and the members of the board are currently working on outreach towards incoming freshmen in middle schools and to students currently in Clark to keep up our success!”. Eshaan will always be remembered at Clark for his excellent performance in competitions and dedication to the club. Eshaan was recently awarded the Howard W. Naylor Scholarship (an annually awarded scholarship to outstanding Varsity Quiz players). 

Next year, more Chargers will need to step up to the plate in order to carry the legacy of the club forward. With many of the senior starters leaving the team this year, more spots are open to those interested in putting their knowledge to use. The regionals for Varsity Quiz pick up in the fall, and are teeming with opportunities for students to demonstrate their utility to the team.