Clark Welcomes Two New Counselors


Erin Keene and Angelyn Celis

Clark High School is welcoming two new counselors to the counseling department. At the end of the first semester, Ms. Corbett and Ms. Teich joined Clark’s counseling department as new Alpha Counselors. Ms. Corbett is the counselor for students last name Rp through To and Ms. Teich is the counselor for Dj through Gr. 

Before beginning at Clark, Ms. Corbett was a counselor at Desert Pines and Mojave High School; Ms. Teich was a special education teacher in Nevada and California for twenty years. Ms. Corbett was interested in working at a magnet school, so when a counseling position opened at Clark she applied. Ms. Teich decided to move out of the classroom but wanted to continue working with students in some capacity. 

“I’ve had my counseling degree since 2000, so I just decided to use it. I really wanted to be at a high school and this was available so I interviewed for the job and I was hired,” said Ms. Teich.

Adjusting to a new counselor can be difficult for students, but both Ms. Teich and Ms. Corbett want to make the transition simple. To contact your counselor, scan the QR code in the counseling office or send them an email. 

They have worked at Clark for less than a quarter, but Ms. Corbett and Ms. Teich are already part of the Charger family. 

“I love the people that I work with. [The counseling] team is so helpful because when you get a degree and you don’t use it for several years, things have changed a lot in the world of counseling and high school…They are my backbone and I adore the people that I work with,” said Ms. Teich.

When asked what the best part of Clark has been so far, Ms. Corbett said, “[My favorite part about Clark is that] everyone is friendly.”

The end of the school year is fast approaching, but there is plenty Ms. Teich and Ms. Corbett are looking forward to. 

“[I’m looking forward to] getting into the groove of things and figuring out where everything is since it’s a big school,” said Ms. Corbett. 

“[I’m looking forward to] working with students, helping them choose their path when they get out of high school, helping to mold them to make better decisions. Hopefully, I can get involved more in the activities here because I love that about the high schools I’ve worked for in the past,” said Ms. Teich.