How to be Fashionably Warm — a Winter Fashion Guide


Angelyn Celis

As the temperature begins to drop, everyone starts wrapping up in their over-sized hoodies and gray sweatpants. While an outfit like this may be comfortable, it doesn’t include the most fashionable staple items. If this is you, don’t worry- follow these five simple tips that will help you be fashionably warm while following the school’s dress code rules. 

Wear layers.

Strategically layering is an easy way to stay warm and change your outfit up. Keep your regular hoodie and add a thick patterned flannel on top. Or, try adding a trendy windbreaker on top of your hoodie, but make sure the colors complement each other. If you don’t want to wear two jackets, try wearing a long-sleeved shirt under a worn-out graphic t-shirt, or a lace tank top over a long-sleeved shirt. 


Adding accessories is one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit. Wear hoop earrings with a hoodie or layer a couple of necklaces over the hoodie. Try wearing numerous rings or bracelets. Match a scrunchie with your outfit. Throw on a scarf and gloves. Put on a fun belt. Or, just wear some cool socks. 

Focus on your shoes.

If you don’t have accessories or if layers are not your thing, try focusing on your shoes. Instead of wearing the same black Converse every day, try wearing some boots, flats, or Jordans. Trendy shoes are sure to make your outfit look more clean and put-together. 

Little details matter. 

When choosing what to wear, make sure you focus on the little things. A blouse with a high neck and puff sleeves will keep you warm while you look like a winter queen. Wear different materials. Try silky or floral shirts. Wear camouflage or plaid pants. 

Choose one item and dress it up. 

Try investing your money into one staple item that will make you stand out. An expensive-looking fur coat paired with a simple tank top is sure to be a dressy outfit. A Champion hoodie and jeans is a simple and clean outfit that can never go wrong. 

Hopefully, these tips help you change up your simple outfits. But remember, it doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you feel good and wear your outfit with confidence, it’s bound to look great!