Ms. Lim Named New Magnet Coordinator

Ms. Lim Named New Magnet Coordinator

Erin Keene

Mrs. Lim is beginning second semester of the 2019-2020 school year as our new Magnet Coordinator. After nearly eight years as a counselor, Mrs. Lim will now be overseeing all of Clark’s magnet programs.

“I feel like my role before, as Magnet Recruiter, was a good stepping stone for me to get here,” says Mrs. Lim.

As the Magnet Coordinator, Mrs. Lim is the liaison for our magnet programs and is in charge of organizing magnet boards. She also ensures that students are placed in the correct courses for their magnet program. She is currently preparing for the magnet lottery, which determines the freshmen entering Clark’s magnet programs next year, and will begin planning for the Magnet Schools of America Conference. One thing Mrs. Lim is excited about in her new position is continuing to advocate for Clark and sharing our success with the community.

“I am looking forward to bring another perspective to grow our programs, find new ideas, work with people in our community, work with students in a new role, and grow not only our magnet programs but our school. I want to have our kids provide input on what we should improve, because there’s always room for improvement. I am overwhelmed with so much support, and I feel that there are so many things I can bring to our magnet programs.”

Before the school year is over, a new counselor will be hired to fill Mrs. Lim’s old position as Magnet Recruiter. Until someone is hired, she will maintain her caseload and the best way for her students to contact her is by email.

“I am here as a counselor. If there are issues with a student’s courses, maybe they want to challenge up to a higher level course, maybe they are having difficulties in a course, I am still here for them…I am here for that extra support and to be an advocate for students as well.”

Mrs. Lim has been in the world of magnet programs for many years, and she believes there is room to learn and grow in any job.

“I am very thankful that I am still here. Clark is my home, Clark is my family, and I am looking forward to each day as we grow as a family and do the best that we can to uplift each other. I hope this second semester finishes out strong, and that we’ll have an even better year next school year.”