The New Voice of the Clark Announcements


Shan Reddy

The New Voice of the Clark Announcements

“Good morning, Clark Chargers. Today is August 14, 2017. Please stand for the pledge of allegiance.”

For returning Clark students, the morning announcements are an integral part of CHS – a morning ritual, repeated every single day of the school year, rain or shine. After the pledge, the news and announcements notify Chargers of important dates, sports matches, reminders – all capped off by an uplifting quote of the day.

Every Clark student can recognize the sound of the school bell, or the voices of Mrs. Drum and Mrs. Pendleton – but the student voice behind the morning announcements is lesser known. The job of speaking over the Clark announcements every morning is given to the acting National Honor Society president. Last year, the announcer was Vicky Li, who in addition to leading NHS was a varsity swimmer and AMSAT student.

This year, Clark’s student morning announcer and NHS president is senior Andy Wang, state champion swimmer and student ambassador.

“It’s exciting, you know – to the person on the announcements that you’ve been hearing every day for the past years of high school. It’s an honor, and I feel pretty proud that the school trusts me to be a voice for the whole student body.”

Students agree that the new morning announcer is doing a great job so far. Wang was also a Lincoln-Douglas debater, and stated that he attributes his strong public speaking skills and effective delivery to his years in forensics. When asked whether or not he gets nervous while speaking, Wang offered some advice.

“I just try to focus on speaking as clearly and understandably as possible. I try to not to think about the fact that everyone in the entire school is listening. I think it really helps if you just focus on the words and phrases you’re saying and try to say them as clearly as possible. If you put all your belief and energy into your words, people will listen.”