Music Recommendations for the Fall Season


Antonio Mosby and Jorge Castro

Fall: the time when trees change colors to orange and red, when you feast with your family for Thanksgiving, when you feel that comforting breeze when you walk outside. Fall is many people’s favorite season, but there is one strange thing about it- there’s not a clear connection between this season and pop culture. There’s no “fall music”.

Summer and spring are considered upbeat to represent the warmth and growth of the seasons, and the music during those seasons match that tone. Winter music has the sadder, deeper music to warm you through the cold. Of course, this leaves the question- what do you listen to to preserve those fall vibes?

Clark seniors Michael Finley and Thelma Delgado may have a solution. They created playlists to represent their view of fall music.

“Music [in fall] is calm, chill, and to yourself. [It’s] more mellow music,” says Finley.

Finley recommends artists that can include various jazz artists, because fall’s music should focus on the instruments and should vary through the song, or songs like one of Finley’s favorites, GONE, GONE / THANK YOU by Tyler, the Creator. Finley’s full playlist is included at the end of this article.

“Fall is my favorite season. It’s [the] transition to the cool, the leaves, and the mood,” says Thelma Delgado. “I like to chill around this time [with] my friends.”

Delgado recommends songs that reflect on life, memories, and people you care about. These songs should be relaxing, like Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys, or What Kind of Love, by Childish Gambino.

Delgado also recommends songs that give a 70’s vibe and focus on hanging out with friends and the weather starts to turn. These songs can be more fun, like Come Down by Anderson .Paak or Vaycay by Amea.

Of course, there’s one thing every recommended music list has to include: music for the car. These songs include Daily Routine by Joey Bada$$, which can help you relax. The Woods by Hollow Coves and Female Energy are great songs to reflect on the year as 2019 comes to a close.

We hope you enjoy these songs and the chill vibes as fall finishes! Here are the playlists that Delgado and Finley recommend:

Finley’s Playlist

  1. Elephants by quickly, quickly
  2. Whoville by Tyler, The Creator
  3. Red Water by Earl Sweatshirt
  4. For The World by The Internet
  5. Sidepiece by NxWorries
  6. MOST by Saba
  7. Inside by Earl Sweatshirt
  8. SHINE by Amine
  9. The Season/ Carry Me by Anderson .Paak 
  10. Monday Loop by Tompaabeats

Delgado’s Playlist

  1. Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys
  2. What Kind of Love by Childish Gambino
  3. Bad Girls by Solange
  4. Vaycay by Amea
  5. Come Home by Anderson .Paak
  6. Daily Routine by Joey Bada$$
  7. The Woods by Hollow Coves
  8. Female Energy by Willow