Clark Speech and Debate Takes Third


Rishabh Saran

At the end of September, Clark’s Speech and Debate team competed against students from across Las Vegas in the yearly Foothill tournament. Under the lead of club president Brock Walker and advisor Ms. Sarver, Clark’s finest advanced among hundreds of students, earning third place overall.

“A lot of people in those rounds, the seniors especially, re-fell in love with Speech and Debate. We were finding the want to accelerate at it,” says Clark’s Speech and Debate president Brock Walker. “With people competing at different levels and different events, the results showed our progress.”

Congratulations to the following Chargers who placed!

  • Angie Torres for ranking 5th in novice dramatic interp
  • Alexis Myres for ranking 4th in novice dramatic interp
  • Ana Cano for ranking 2nd in dramatic interp
  • Colleen Keene and Caroline Billbray-Kohn for their ranking of 2nd in duo interp
  • Meghana Veeramachenini and Katherine Vanvooris for ranking 3rd in duo interp
  • Erin Keene for her 5th place ranking in original oratory and her 6th place ranking in varsity informative
  • Opal Vetrichelvan for ranking 1st in humorous interp and 2nd in foreign extemp
  • Saanvi Desai for achieving the rank of 5th in program oral interp
  • Naomi Kiel for ranking 1st in novice original oratory
  • Izzy Harju for ranking 2nd in novice domestic extemp
  • Katelyn Phan for ranking 6th in international extemp
  • Brock Walker and Katherine Vanvooris for becoming quarter-finalists in public forum debate
  • Daniel Lok and Katelyn Phan for becoming quarter-finalists in public forum debate
  • Ayan Patel and Divij Kodi for becoming semi-finalists in public forum debate
  • Rishi Saran and Sophia Adams for becoming finalists in public forum debate
  • Kriya Patel and Daniyal Qazi for becoming semi-finalists in novice public forum
  • Sudipta Rout and Raymond Zhang for becoming finalists in novice public forum
  • Isha Shah for becoming a semi-finalist in lincoln-douglas debate
  • Suvrajyoti Rout for placing 5th in Congressional debate
  • Sahi Chundu for being voted for top chair in Congressional debate

The success helped Clark garner the points to excel in sweepstakes against schools like Palo Verde, Coronado, and A-Tech. These accomplishments exemplify the team’s versatility, effort, and initiative. Varsity debaters continued to perform well, while novices got their first, fresh taste of the activity. As junior representative Divij Kodi put it, “the team came together like never before, showcasing the hours of rigorous work.”

With the new leadership and the new year, Clark Speech and Debate has plenty of preparing and debating to do. After a month off in November, Clark has its next major full-team tournament on December 6th at Rancho High School. Be sure to congratulate the team and show your support!