The Charger Closet: Separate in Space, not Spirit


Erin Keene

The Charger Closet has moved locations, but K.E.E.N. Club is thriving in the midst of this new change.

The Charger Closet is a student facilitated program run by K.E.E.N. (Keeping Everyone’s Eyes on the Neighborhood) Club, which makes a variety of resources available to all Clark students. Through the Closet, K.E.E.N. Club collects and provides school supplies, food, and a large selection of clothing and toiletries to anyone in need. 

William Bell, an active member of K.E.E.N. Club, says “[We are] keeping everyone’s eyes on the neighborhood [by] watching out for one another and taking care of one another.”

Due to rearrangement of room assignments at the beginning of the school year, the Charger Closet has split into two new spaces. The majority of resources are now housed in a storage room next to Graphic Arts, and the remaining supplies are in the Social Studies work room in the 200s hallway. 

Students who want resources from the Closet just need to speak with Mrs. Wagner, the K.E.E.N. Club advisor, in room 209. Any student is welcome to visit her room at any time during or after school, and Mrs. Wagner or a K.E.E.N. Club member will help you find what you need. 

“There’s no judgement and no questions asked. You don’t ‘qualify’ [to receive any resources] you just come and say you need something,” says Maryam Raja, the president of K.E.E.N. Club. “The point of the Charger Closet and K.E.E.N. Club in general…is [to be a resource where] you can come and ask for something and we can assist you.” 

K.E.E.N. Club has served Clark students for years, but this year it is making a special effort to emphasize that anyone and everyone who needs a resources just needs to ask.

Donations to the Charger Closet come from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Valley Vegas Church, Project 150, Communities in Schools,  Clark students and faculty. K.E.E.N. Club’s ultimate goal is to provide as many services as possible; by reaching out to and receiving donations from so many programs and organizations in the community, K.E.E.N. Club has successfully supported any student who requests help for years.

According to Mikayla Tuzon, a K.E.E.N. Club member, “We really run the heart of the school and I think we represent a really good system of students who believe in giving other students a chance. It’s really important that a student led community believes that the other people on campus deserve the same opportunities…We all want to strive for one goal and that’s… helping everyone around in our community.”