Cross Country Woodbridge Trip


Tyler Noble and Elisia Hurley

On September 20, 2019, Clark’s Cross Country Team went to Corona, California to compete in a meet known as Woodbridge. Woodbridge was a gigantic event with almost 13,000 kids and 46 races in total. Each race had close to 250 kids competing for a medal that only the top competitor gets.

Our Cross Country team did an outstanding job, with 13 racers earning medals. These 13 athletes are Amanda Bennion, Katherine Skouson, Quinn Kirk, Savannah Taylor, Prince Alipustain, Sebastian Lopez, Eziekel Nyberg (Zeke), Sam Guzman, Nickolaus Aguillon (Nicko), Bryan A’Hearn, Brian Kariuki, and Michael Finley. The Boy’s Varsity came in 7th place out of about 30 other teams, whom they were competing against to place top 6. Even though the team fell short of their goal by only one place, they did an amazing job and ran an excellent race. 


Zeke Nyberg came in 18th place out of 200 during his race with an outrageous time of 15:36:00. He ran his 1st mile at 5:08, 2nd mile at 5:21, and 3rd mile at 5:07. “I just felt comfortable and I am extremely happy about my performance. I popped off and did a lot better than what most people expected. I am doing extremely well also! Once I return from my current hip injury, I feel I can keep my mentality and success for the rest of the season,” says Zeke.

Nicko Aguillon, the captain of the Boy’s Varsity Team, also had a tremendous race at Woodbridge. He ran a 16:27:00 with his 1st mile being 5:24:00, 2nd mile at 5:37:00, and 3rd mile at 5:26:00. Nicko declared, “Woodbridge was an eye-opener. It made me realize how much work I have put in, but how much more I still need before regionals. I felt it was a good, strong race, but I should’ve done better. Overall I feel like this season is going great and we have a lot to show for it, but our journeys not over yet and we still have a lot of learning, tweaking, and training before our ultimate test and goal”.