Club Spotlight: Model United Nations

Club Spotlight: Model United Nations

Sophia Adams

Clark Chargers are lucky to have such a wide range of diversity, not only in students and academia, but in our clubs. Students can find a wide range of clubs to suit any interest or desire, or simply start one themselves. One of these clubs is Model United Nations, also referred to as Model UN or simply MUN, which has recently picked up steam.

Model UN is an international competitive activity where students compete in different conferences, role-playing as representatives (United Nations Delegates) for their country to address various issues. Competitors are expected to research their country’s position, give speeches on the merits of their position, and ultimately find a solution to the problem at hand with a group of like-minded delegates.

Model UN offers many interesting opportunities for its members. Not only do students meet new friends and have lots of fun (just imagine getting to be the delegate for Russia and attempting a hilariously awful accent), but students also gain many real-world skills. Impromptu speaking and diplomacy frequently come into play, helping students learn to think on their feet, structure arguments, and interact with others tactfully and respectfully. Due to the political nature of Model UN, every issue or topic discussed is relevant to the world today, broadening students’ knowledge of current events and world affairs. 

Despite Clark’s continued dominance at Las Vegas tournaments, Model UN has faced some difficulties at Clark over the years. However, 2019-2020 President Brock Walker has a new vision for the club, including standardizing learning materials and creating a more structured approach to practicing competition format. With the introduction of concrete club materials, the executive board and club members alike are excited to see the clubs improve throughout the years as information is handed down and further developed.

Club members are looking forward to the first competition of the year on Saturday, October 19th, the Eagle Scrimmage, hosted by CSN. As an introductory tournament, new competitors will have the opportunity to learn and practice the competition format, while more experienced competitors will look towards further development of their MUN skills and mentorship of new members. Later in the year, students will also have the opportunity to compete at Spring Valley High School and UNLV in more rigorous tournaments. 

Model UN is truly representative of the essence of Clark. Students from all backgrounds come together to discuss and solve issues affecting people of all backgrounds. As the perfect mixture of fun, skill development, and world affairs, Model UN continues to be a staple of Clark’s vast array of clubs and organizations. Meetings are held every MUN-day in portable 9.