Cinnaholic is on a Roll

Angelyn Celis

Cinnaholic, an award-winning gourmet cinnamon roll bakery, has made an appearance in Las Vegas. What started as a Shark Tank episode has now become a famous franchise with three locations in Las Vegas. Cinnaholic continuously attracts the attention of many who happen to be near the Blue Diamond and Decatur area.

What makes Cinnaholic different from your average cinnamon roll is that they offer a variety of flavored icings and toppings. Cinnaholic is completely vegan friendly meaning they contain absolutely no lactose/dairy or eggs in their cinnamon rolls.

When I arrived at Cinnaholic, I was welcomed to two friendly employees, vivid purple walls with numerous posters, sleek black chairs and tables, and a homely cinnamon smell. Not only did they have trendy, photogenic cinnamon rolls, but they also had drinks available for purchase in mini fridges, cookies, brownies, cookie dough, and mini cinnamon rolls known as ‘Baby Buns’.

A Classic Old Skool Roll was $4.75 with plain vanilla frosting. A handcrafted cinnamon roll starts at $4.75 while a frosting flavor is an additional $0.25 and toppings are $0.50. Cookies were $2.00, brownies were $2.50, cookie dough was $2.99, and Baby Buns were 3 for $5.

I decided to get the normal handcrafted cinnamon roll. I then chose a flavored icing and a topping. I decided to get a cream cheese icing with strawberries. The wait was not long at all, and I was offered their rewards program by just adding my phone number. The cinnamon roll was delicious. It came warm, imitating the ‘fresh out of the oven’ effect, and the icing or actual cinnamon roll wasn’t overly sweet.

Overall, my experience at Cinnaholic was a great one and the cinnamon roll lived up to its ‘hype’ from Instagram. Cinnaholic is a unique bakery that allows many people, including vegans, to satisfy their sweet craving, and I’d definitely come back.