The Merits of Membean

The Merits of Membean

Richard Park

As students are assigned increasingly large amounts of schoolwork over the past month, several students have admitted that Membean is actually a waste of time.

“All you learn is how to talk big words,” says John Wherry. “It’s stupid and students could be spending their time doing something really more super important, like watching Dragon Ball.”

  Wherry isn’t alone – several others have also openly expressed discontent towards the site.

“Why won’t they give us stuff we’ll actually learn from?” a student who wishes to remain anonymous complains. “I learned how to build on Fortnite and that’s important. They have got to think about what the students need.”

In most classes, students have to complete 30 minutes of Membean practice every week, and only 10 of those minutes can be done each day. Several students have expressed frustration over this rule.

“It isn’t fair because I can’t do all my minutes on the last day. Delaying things until the last minute is important to us and it’s senseless that Membean doesn’t allow that,” sophomore Aayush Palherkar explains.

”It’s 10 minutes of my day. Do you have any idea what I can do in 10 minutes?” says Subhan Wade. “I have a project due tomorrow and I didn’t start yet. And it wasn’t my fault. I had to wash the dishes yesterday.”

Although these assertions have surprised many of the teachers here at Clark, this makes one thing clear: students value their time and spend it carefully to be as productive as possible. It is imperative that we carefully consider the suggestion to remove Membean from the English curriculum to lessen the incredibly heavy burden on students in Clark today.