Clark’s New English Teacher: Mrs. Jones


Elisia Hurley

Clark High School’s English department has an exciting new teacher to look forward to: Mrs. Zakeisha Jones.

Mrs. Jones teaches English 11, but doesn’t think of her classroom as any normal class. She considers all of her students “honorary students who have scholarly discussions inside the classroom.” She chose to teach English because she always wanted to focus on her strengths, and she had always excelled in English. She loves new challenges and experiences and wants to be an advocate for her students. While choosing schools, she decided on Clark because of the “inspiring female leadership” provided by our school’s administrators, like Ms. Pendleton and Mrs. Drum.

Mrs. Jones is very qualified and has an impressive background. She grew up in Las Vegas and graduated from Chaparral High School. She then attended Howard University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in science education. After that, she went to UNLV and got her Master’s degree in secondary English education. She proceeded to teach at Syrel Middle School, Seguray Middle School, and R Guild Gray Elementary School. She also mentored new teachers entering schools through the ARL project at Western High School, Valley High School, and Arbor View High School.

Mrs. Jones has a unique teaching style, imagining her classroom as a “workshop” with her as the facilitator and her students as her “friends in education”. Her teaching style is especially geared towards the audience, and she believes that you should always know who you’re writing for and what they’re looking for.

Mrs. Jones is excited to get involved with clubs at the school. She has become part of 12th grade Creative Writing, Publications 1 (Yearbook), and is a partner with Mrs. Wagner for KEEN Club. She has organized and participated in community work, and is even the PR for the state’s largest homeless shelter. She was also the community outreach director for a private school and is the president of the Richard Steele Foundation, a non-profit boxing club for underprivileged youth. Mrs. Jones’ overall goal is to share this element of awareness of people and their situation with others.

She has loved this school year so far, saying “I am glad about my decision, even though teaching has been different in the past. My students are enjoyable and colorful. I also love the school spirit here.”