Rezvan Egi


Lauren Martires

This week’s AOF student spotlight is on Rezvan Egi. Rezvan is not only a part of the AOF academy but is also a fourth year competitor of speech and debate, president of DECA and Unicef and an intern at a law firm. With her senior year in motion, Rezvan has reflected on the few qualities of both AOF and Clark that have helped her these past for years.

What’s your favorite thing about Clark?

Rezvan: “My favorite thing about Clark is the teachers. I don’t say that easily because I’m very picky and I like to learn a certain way, but I think it’s very hard to say that there’s even one teacher at clark that’s not dedicated to their students or not willing to go the extra mile.

I feel like that’s really hard to see in other schools where teachers do everything they can for their kids. The teachers at Clark are just so original and they’re very accommodating to whatever student they receive because they just want them to be as successful as possible and that’s not just AP teachers.

I think every type of teacher that I’ve had from honors to regular to even a physical education class I think they’re very adjusting to each student which is very hard to do in a school where there’s 3000 kids. I think the teachers have a great impact on me and have made me love going to Clark all four years and I know for sure without Ms. Brown or a couple of my other teachers I wouldn’t be the student I am or have the drive that I do. I think the teachers are the best thing about Clark.”

How has AOF impacted your life?
Rezvan: “AOF has impacted my life by the career choices I make after high school. AOF has given me the opportunity to get hands on experience with the business world and so many opportunities where I can intern and really find passion in business that I wouldn’t have gotten at any other school or even any other business magnet school because of how much AOF has provided me through NAF and through many different outlets. I highly believe that AOF has impacted my life in the greatest capacity possible.”
It has steered my educational path in the most positive way and it’s made me even doubt if I want to be a lawyer. I fell in love with business so much and have become so dedicated to the business world and have learned so many skills and experiences where I’d be very happy to be studying business.”

What are your plans for the future?

Rezvan: “My plans for the future are to go to a college in the east coast hopefully and then end up going to an ivy league law school so I can study either business law or criminal law and then just end up at the public defender’s office. The biggest goal is to become a district attorney of whatever state I’m in.”