ROTC Press Release- Car Wash Fundraiser

Jaiden Reddy


Ed W. Clark High School NJROTC
September 22, 2018
Elks Lodge, Las Vegas, NV
Public Affairs Department

Cadets, you know it! Clark Cadets have their fingers in every pie!

Today, on Saturday September 22, 2018 was the annual car wash! Our NJROTC unit hosts the car wash every year to help our very own Charger Closet, a group at our school that is dedicated to help students with difficulties and make sure their conditions pose no barrier to their education. Prior to the car wash, our unit collected a large number of cans and other dried food from Cadets, those are all going to the Chargers Closet. The entire NJROTC battalion participated in today’s car wash. The event consisted not only car wash, but each platoon also rotated to drill, play games, and advertise with signs. Our battalion worked hard and washed more than fifty cars, raised thousands of dollars, and had lots of fun!

Great job, Chargers!