Mrs. Lonie Lim


Lauren Martires

In the deep recesses of Clark High School’s front office lies the mama bear’s den – the office of Mrs. Lonie Lim. The cozy office is not really much of an office, but rather a home for many Chargers.

Mrs. Lim (nee Huynh) joined the staff of Clark High School back in Fall 2013, along with the graduating class of 2017. New to the halls of Clark High School (especially our labyrinth – the 200’s hallway), Mrs. Lim seemed to get the hang of it fairly quickly.

Mrs. Lim is not your typical counselor – many Chargers were surprised to learn that she actually earned her first bachelor’s degree in criminology, and continued to work in her hometown, Fresno, where she worked as a mediator for juveniles as well as undercover security in retail.

Upon her move to Las Vegas, Mrs. Lim initially looked for a career in law enforcement, but knew in her heart that she wanted to work with students. After starting to work as a substitute teacher, Mrs. Lim finally decided to pursue a career in high school, earned her Masters in Counseling, and just recently earned her Masters in Administration.

“I don’t plan on going anywhere, of course, but I always like having options in my life,” said Mrs. Lim. “You’re never too old to learn something new, so no matter how old I get I’ll always be learning.”

Contrary to popular belief, school employees do actually have a life outside of school. In her free time, Mrs. Lim’s two dogs keep her busy and she enjoys traveling and going to the beach with Mr. Lim.

“I just love spending time with friends and family – it’s good for the soul,” said Mrs. Lim.

Clark High School was Mrs. Lim’s first school as a high school counselor.

“Mrs. Pendleton has really believed in me and the administration really believed in me,” said Mrs. Lim.

These days it’s uncommon to find adults who really enjoy what they do – let alone love it. Luckily, Mrs. Lim finds that the best part of her job is doing her job.

“It’s never a dull moment,” said Mrs. Lim. “And watching my students grow in their lives is priceless.

For Mrs. Lim, Clark is a hidden gem – a melting pot of diversity that is greatly underrated. Her love for Clark’s diversity is only surpassed by her love for each and every one of her students.

What is truly unique is Mrs. Lim’s open door policy. Although this is an unspoken rule here at Clark, Mrs. Lim is one of the most exemplary upholders of this practice.

She is responsible for half of the students in the class of 2017 – approximately 300 students and yet she is still considered “Mama Lim” among students who aren’t even in her “alpha” group.

With this open door policy, “Mama Lim” has become a household name. Her constant love and support has changed the high school experiences of Chargers across the school – it’s safe to say that her students never feel any less than blessed to have her.