Clark’s Newest English Teacher: Ms. Simental


Kanokwan Tungkitkancharoen

Clark’s English department has something to look forward to in exciting new teacher, Ms. Kori Simental.

Ms. Kori Simental jumped head-first into the atmosphere of Clark High School when room 421 opened up for a new teacher. Ms. Simental grew up in Las Vegas and attended Rancho High School. She always regretted not attending Clark because she felt that at this school, the campus truly belonged to the students. Shortly after she graduated from high school, she received her bachelor’s degree in English from UNLV. From there, she tried a range of jobs from working at the Boiling Crab to handling contracts for Tesla.

“Adaptability is an important skill I learned from my past work experiences,” says Simental. “And it’s one that I hope to bring to the dynamic nature of Clark.”

Now, Simental teaches English 9 and 10. She has always been fond of the subject area because of the ability for people to learn more about not only about themselves, but also the world around them. Reading literature about different experiences that people have had has fostered her strong love of the field.

With her love of exploring different perspectives in mind, her favorite part about teaching has been working with young people because they offer a wide variety of views on a topic. She’s often astonished by what students have to say.  “I would read something a ton of times and nothing would change. However, when some students read it once, they’d bring up a whole new perspective I didn’t see,” says Simental. Further, she loves celebrating her students and decided to expand on that idea by creating a wall full of notes with student accomplishments: The Pride Wall. She welcomes anyone’s feats and would want you to post about your pride.

Despite being only a few weeks in, she’s already gotten involved in the school’s clubs and activities. She even became the advisor for one of the largest clubs at Clark—National Honor Society. With great passion and hard work, she hopes the club will continue prospering this year. “These first few weeks of school have been such a joy because I teach at my dream school, one of the best in the country. The staff [has] been fun to work with and meeting new kids has been such a joy.”

After admiring Clark for many years, she is proud to “finally be a charger.”